Welcome to Mallorca 360

Welcome to Mallorca 360

Mallorca 360 offers 360º degree VR, spherical virtual reality videos and photos on our website, on YouTube and VeeR, as well as 360º photography and video services and sponsor opportunities, so get your mobile phone and Google Cardboard viewer and immerse yourself in the relaxing sights and sounds of Mallorca 360. Don’t know what 360º, VR or Google Cardboard are or how to watch the videos? Click here. Wish to advertise or sponsor a video? Click here. We now also have Mallorca 360 branded products. Shop now!

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Live, meditate, contemplate, experience Mallorca in 360 VR!

Note to Safari and iOS users: Safari does not allow for 360º viewing on Desktop or iOS (You get a non-360, stretched out image). For proper viewing on desktop, switch to Chrome or Firefox. For proper viewing on iOS, click on the YouTube icon within the video you’re watching to open it in the YouTube app. Thank you.

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Farm field in Artà Mallorca in 360º VR 5K

Watch this 360º video and relax with the soothing bird and nature sounds at a farm field in Artà, Mallorca in 360º VR. This is our fourth video post Covid-19 quarantine, as we’re in the first phases where we’re allowed to go out and film, so we hope you enjoy being virtually out and about […]


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