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Sponsor one of our 360º degree videos on Mallorca 360 and you get a lifetime of exposure.

When you sponsor one of our videos, we hard code your brand unto that particular video, on every distribution channel. This means, that as long as that video is on one of our channels and on our website, your brand is there. We also include your brand logo, links, and message on the video description and on the Mallorca 360 page for that video.

What kind of exposure do you get with our videos?

  • – At the beginning and end of the video (logo, message, and mention)
  • – On the description of the video (brand mention, message, and links)
  • – On the Mallorca 360 page for that video (logo, message, and links)
  • – On our Facebook page both in the announcement message and the video message (logo on image, message, and links)
  • – On our Instagram announcement (brand mention, message, and links – logo on image)
  • – On our Twitter feed announcement (brand logo on image and mention with twitter link)

Our channels, viewers and followers continue to grow worldwide. We currently offer our videos on our website, on YouTube, and on VeeR. Our main social focus is Facebook, but are now starting to grow our Instagram and Twitter as well.

We are a growing brand and channel

By sponsoring a video, you are also supporting a growing brand and channel. Our goal is to promote and provide relaxing, 360º degree experiences that highlight Mallorca’s beauty and locations while looking to expand, grow and cover other areas of our wonderful island.

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Are you in Mallorca? Sponsor a couple of videos or area videos, and we’ll give you special pricing and even photograph your business. Contact us for a custom package.

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