Relax on a Montuïri Farm with Franco Esteve’s music in Montuïri, Mallorca in 360º VR

Relax by a farm in beautiful Montuïri, Mallorca as you contemplate with Franco Esteve’s song ,Ethereal, in the background in 360º VR. Thank you everyone for your support during this trying time. Be safe!
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Ethereal” by Franco Esteve. ©2018 Franco Esteve ( All rights reserved. “Ethereal” is one of the songs included in the Mallorca 360 Season 1 Soundtrack, available at most online stores and streaming services. Get it or listen to it here:

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About Mallorca 360

Mallorca 360 offers relaxing video and photo experiences in 360º VR. Created by locals with a love for the island and its beautiful places, Mallorca 360 lets you experience locations throughout Mallorca, where you can sit, stand, meditate, listen, and enjoy in full 360º what Mallorca has to offer. So get out your VR viewer or Google Cardboard (you can get it using the Amazon links below) with your mobile phone and live and experience Mallorca in 360º.

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Mallorca 360 takes you to the municipality of Montuïri, to one of its farms so you can enjoy the calming views, the sounds and Franco Esteve’s song, Ethereal, so you can relax, live, meditate, contemplate, and experience Mallorca in 360º.

Produced by Mallorca 360 in collaboration with Franco Esteve ( and Producciones Tecatas. ©2020 Mallorca 360 and partners. All rights reserved. Music ©2018 Franco esteve. All rights reserved.

Relax on a Montuïri Farm with Franco Esteve’s music in Montuïri, Mallorca in 360º VR | Mallorca 360

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